About DX-RFID cable seal


DX-RFID electronic cable seal is a seal equipped with a non-contact identifiable RFID chip. The

electronic tag is bound to the marked object and other information in the database, and the

target object is automatically identified through the handheld device and relevant data is

obtained, thereby achieving Identify the purpose of the marker.

Main indicators of HQ064 electronic seal:

1. Structure: The electronic seal has good anti-pry function, compact structure and high-quality

materials. After sealing, the sealing line and sealing body are an integrated structure and cannot

be restored after damage.

After sealing, the steel wire sealing line is not easy to be pulled out without damaging the sealing

body, and the tensile strength is ≥1500N. After sealing, the sealing head cannot be pulled out

from the sealing body without damage.

It adopts self-locking structure, two-level card slots and hierarchical control.

Wire rope diameter: 1.80mm Standard rope length: 30cm (can be customized ) Lock body size:


2. Seal shell: Made of imported PC polycarbonate, plastic steel, ABS resin and other materials.

The shell is hard, pry-proof and has a certain degree of toughness.

It has good anti-corrosion ability. In extreme environments such as high temperature, humidity,

sunlight, dust, salt spray, etc., the appearance of the seal will not change significantly. The seal

will not melt at temperatures of 110°C and below.

The self-locking parts are made of metal materials and have good anti-corrosion and tensile

strength. The tensile strength is ≥1500N; in extreme environments such as high temperature,

humidity, sunlight, dust, salt spray, etc., the normal tensile strength of the sealing line can be

maintained unaffected. . After the sealing wire is cut off, the front end should not be bifurcated.

After the sealing wire is cut, it cannot be twisted or glued.

3. Main indicators of RFID chips

Has anti-collision mechanism and supports multi-card operation

No power supply, comes with its own antenna and contains communication logic circuit

Data retention period is 10 years and can be read more than 100,000 times

Operating temperature: -40℃~80℃ (humidity is 90%)

Operating frequency: 13.56MHz or 915MHZ

Operating voltage: 3.5V-5V

Communication rate: 106KBPS

Chip antenna: 16mm

Reading rate: > 99% (related to the card reader)

Reading and writing distance: within 50mm (related to the working frequency of the reader

and chip)

4. Application: used in asset management, customs management, water and electricity anti-theft

management, logistics and transportation management, petroleum dispensers,

anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft management and supervision, etc.