What is a RFID Security Bolt Seal?

What is a RFID Security Bolt Seal?

High-security electronic seal is made of ps transparent plastic as the seal shell, and the lock body adopts clip spring structure and ABS is externally injected. The laser typing, logo, coding, bar code, color and other information on the surface of the lock body can be customized by customers, which is mainly used for sealing containers, container trucks, trucks and vans.

Imagine a high-security bolt seal equipped with an embedded RFID chip. This chip utilizes radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology, enabling real-time tracking and verification throughout your entire supply chain journey. Unlike traditional seals requiring manual inspection, UHF technology allows for remote reading of the seal's status using handheld scanners or fixed RFID readers at checkpoints.

The seal shell is made of PS transparent plastic.

Inside the lock body, the clamp spring structure is adopted, and ABS is externally injected.

Laser typing, marking, coding, bar code and color on the surface of lock body are customized by customers.

Shell: engineering plastic.