Practical Hot Sale Container Security Bolt Seal DX105B

Tamper Proof  Security Container Bolt Seal With Numbered

Material: ABS,Q235A Low-carbon steel

Height: 86mm

Diameter: 8mm

Color: Yellow,White,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and so on

Printing type: Laser marking 

marking contents: Numbers,Lettersmark,bar codes

Tensile Strength: >15KN

Application: Express, logistics, catering, hospital, post, containers, trucks

Packing: 10pcs per box  and 25*10boxs per carton

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Shipping Container Seals For sale Features

Material:                                  ABS,Q235A Low-carbon steel
Height:                                     86mm
Diameter:                                 8mm
Color:                                      Yellow,White,Blue,Green,Red,Orange and so on
Printing type:                           Laser marking or hot stamping、screen printing
marking contents:                   Numbers,Lettersmark,bar codes
Tensile Strength:                     >15KN
Application:                             Express, logistics, catering, hospital, post
Packing:                                 10pcs per box  and 25*10boxs per carton



Bolt seal is a kind of sealing equipment used in containers, container trucks, trucks
and vans. One-time sealing cannot be damaged or unsealed. It can prevent the old lead
seal from being damaged and still restore its original characteristics. Bolt seal has a
systematic data code, the product and the code correspond one-to-one, and there is no


1.featured in anti-rotary, keep the locked seal steady
2. Rugged and durable, easy to operate, good anti-theft
3. High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance,
not easy to aging

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We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.