How to choose the right plastic security seal?

Plastic security seals; available in different sizes, designs and different applications every day. Making the right choice can be a struggle for any transportation or operations manager. Plastic seals are commonly used tamper-reducing devices in a wide range of markets and applications, including everyday uses such as securing truck trailers, tankers, containers, suitcases, cash and utility meters and fire extinguishers.


Quality - As cliché as it sounds, you'll see our perspective. So quality means more than just the quality of the seal, or how neat it looks now. The quality is the type of plastic we use to make our seals.



Essentially, when choosing plastic seals to protect your cargo, you should choose seals that are high quality and made from plastics such as polypropylene. It has a nice and large locking mechanism that you can use to seal in your application. That's why we manufacture our seals to suit the type of application. This allows users to use the same type of plastic seal on multiple applications within the same business. Polypropylene and nylon material plastic manufacturing seals. This allows the plastic seal to have a high pulling force to resist attack, yet it is easy to use and the locking seal is flexible.


Application of plastic sealing strips


Places where disposable plastic seals are used include foreign trade inspection, containers, ships, air transportation, logistics companies, shipping companies, chemicals, mining, postal services, customs, railways, finance, containers, transportation and handling equipment, transportation product processing, and enterprise products Inspection, packaging barrels, energy metering, instrumentation, power supply, gas supply, water supply, military industry, oil transportation, that is to say, as long as lead seals are used, disposable plastic seals can be used wherever they go. The advantages and benefits of disposable plastic seals are firm sealing, temperature resistance, easy locking, good anti-corrosion performance, clear markings, easy to use, reliable quality, high quality, low price, etc. But this is the value of disposable plastic seals.

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