​ What are the functions of cable seals?
  Cable seals are generally made of zinc alloy, and its locking bars have been combined with steel. In terms of use, it is generally concentrated on containers, cargo transportation, air transportation, sea transportation and security. What are the functions of cable seals for everyone?


  Cable seals are generally used in meter reading boxes and electrical junction boxes. The cable seals is composed of steel wire and lock body. It has good anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting functions. It can be used in many fields such as freight transportation and home decoration. It is compact in style, easy to operate and cheap in price. In fact, when using this cable seal, it is characterized by durability. It is a disposable product. The cable seal itself cannot be opened unless it is violently damaged by pliers, high-temperature welding torch and other tools. In addition, laser engraving can be added to thecable seals. Even if it can be damaged, it can't copy the line seal, which adds a higher safety factor for safety risk management. Low price, high performance and high cost performance make it a high-selling product in security equipment.