What factors are generally considered when choosing security seal?

Generally, the following factors will be considered when selecting the security seal:

1, the cost factor
Generally speaking, the price of plastic lead seal products is relatively low, such as plastic seals and instrument seals.
2. Safety factors
If the cost is not considered, it is safer to choose a steel wire seal or a high-security seal, because the steel wire seal usually uses a lock of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy with a steel wire rope, while the high-security seal uses a lock body of A3 steel, which is easy to seal but not easy to open, so the steel wire seal and the high-security seal are generally selected for safety reasons.
3. Place of use
The place of use is an important factor in deciding which products to seal. If containers and trucks are sealed, high-quality seals are generally selected. If it is for electric meters and water meters, it is necessary to choose instrument seals. Generally, electric power and water conservancy companies will choose instrument seals.

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