Introduction to Lead Seals for Electric Meters

With the continuous development of the lead sealing industry, the application fields of lead sealing are becoming more and more extensive, such as electricity, finance, logistics, metering, postal, energy, communication, supermarkets and other industries, which are also involved in a large amount of usage. Today, the editor will focus on explaining the lead seal of electric meters in lead sealed products.

meter seal3.jpg

The lead seal of an electric meter is a type of lead seal product, whose main purpose is to maintain the accuracy of the meter and prevent illegal elements from stealing electricity. Its small size and light weight, but its compact body has great functions and functions. Its shell is made of ABS plastic, which has various characteristics such as acid resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and electrical performance. The lead seal of an electric meter can be used to seal large appliances such as electric meters because its sealing wire can provide it with length, and the insertion piece is made of stainless steel material, which provides tension for the lead seal itself. After the lead seal of the electric meter is properly sealed, it can only be removed by brute force. Of course, the key to the lead seal of the electric meter still lies in its RFID electronic tag. The function of this RFID electronic note is to provide a code for the lead seal of the electric meter, and the information is concentrated on this RFID tag. This type of electronic tag is difficult to replicate, adding security to the anti-theft of the lead seal.


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